What Baptists believe

As church we have come from a huge range of backgrounds, we are a wide range of ages and we do a huge range of activities but what unites us is what we believe:

  God created the Universe and everything and everyone in it;
  God is Love and His love for us is beyond our wildest imagining;
  God created us to have a relationship with him, but because he loves us he gave us the choice to obey him or not;
  We have all disobeyed God and done things wrong, something God calls sin, and it is this sin that ruins our relationship with God. Without him we cannot reach our full potential;
  Because God loves us so much He sent His son, Jesus to earth to die for us to give us the opportunity to get back into right relationship with God;
  If we ask God for his forgiveness through Jesus' sacrifice we can be put right with God;
  Jesus rose from the dead and went back to Heaven. One day he will come back to earth and take all those who trust in Him to be with him in Heaven forever; and
  God has sent us the Holy Spirit to enable and empower us to live on earth as His followers.

We don't believe ourselves to be perfect, we all still make mistakes, but the personal relationship that God has opened to us through Jesus' death and enabled by the self-giving of his Holy Spirit gives us meaning in life and certainty that we will be safe with Him in Heaven when we die.

If you are not yet a Christian and would like to know this meaning and hope then why not contact us - one of our team would be delighted to talk through any questions you have and help you to find out more - phone 024 7652 0621.

Today could be the day your life finds new meaning and hope - why wait?!


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