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20th June 2021

There are, as we are sure you are aware, a lot of City of Culture activities going on in the City. One that may be of interest is an artistic venture that involves Nikki Bovis-Coulter from Limbrick Wood Baptist Church. You can find out what she is doing here.

20th June 2021

HEBA, the Heart of England Baptist Association, have arranged an online Gathering on Sunday 27th June which will include an opportunity to hear the President of the Baptist Union speaking. Full details are here.

18th June 2021

On Thursday 17th June the Coventry Foodbank marked 10 years of service to the city with a time of praise and worship. Volunteers past and present and many civic dignitaries gathered to recognise the remarkable work undertaken by so many people over the past 10 years in supporting those in most need across our city.

Looking back over the past 10 years, Coventry Foodbank has grown considerably in size, from a small office in Broadgate to the 25,000 square foot Halo Centre in Binley linking with 13 Churches across the city who host and organise distribution centres.

This month the Coventry foodbank will be issuing a food parcel to the 200,000th user; over the ten years £3,000,000 worth of food has been given to people in need.

Coventry foodbank would not have been able to support the most vulnerable in the city without the fantastic support of churches and the dedication of the volunteers. The Foodbank proud of all the volunteers, past and present, and how they have made a positive impact in changing lives and communities in Coventry.

Queen’s Road Baptist Church, one of the founding churches, was recognised by a presentation made to Graham Carpmail for his support and dedication to foodbank over the past 10 years. This presentation in turn also marked the debt of gratitude to all the volunteers of our church and fellowship.


28th May 2021

Last year in June a project called Open Heaven inspired and arranged the Prayer Walking of every road in Coventry. This year they plan to do the same. For further details please see their website here

28th May 2021

The church Prayer Diary for June is available here (printable).

7th May 2021

A further update from Coventry City Council about road closures is as follows:

Dear all

Due to the predicted high winds this weekend we are unable to carry out work with the crane that requires the road and lane closures. Therefore for this weekend (Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 May), there will be no closures and the road will operate on a contraflow system as it currently does in the week.  

This does mean that there will need to be an extra weekend closure to complete the work, and therefore, weather permitting, the following closures will be in place:

  • Saturday 15 May and Sunday 16 May - outbound lane (from city centre) closed from 12.01am on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday. Full closure of Warwick Road, Spencer Road/Avenue and the area of Warwick Road between the junction of Spencer Avenue and Warwick Road from 4pm on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday
  • Saturday 22 May and Sunday 23 May - outbound lane (from city centre) closed from 12.01am on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday. Full closure of Warwick Road, Spencer Road/Avenue and the area of Warwick Road between the junction of Spencer Avenue and Warwick Road from 4pm on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday
  • Saturday 29 May and Sunday 30 May - outbound lane (from city centre) closed from 12.01am on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday. Full closure of Warwick Road, Spencer Road/Avenue and the area of Warwick Road between the junction of Spencer Avenue and Warwick Road from 4pm on Saturday until 11.59pm on Sunday

I will keep you updated if this changes.

Best wishes

Faye Griffiths

Coventry City Council

Engagement Manager

024 7697 1966


30th April 2021

The latest information about road closures around the church this weekend can be found here

6th April 2021

The Tech Team are recruiting new volunteers!

As we emerge from lockdown, the Tech Team are looking for more people to join us to enable the smooth running of our "hybrid" services. We used to be able to operate with two people - one on the sound desk and one on the video desk, but with the addition of streaming we now need to increase that number to five - an additional sound operator, a 'streaming' operator and a camera operator. 

Full training will be provided for any new volunteer - no prior experience is needed and you don't need to already be a technical whizz - as long as you are comfortable with a computer we can teach you what you need to know. You can choose to specialise in one of the roles or learn several - its up to you.

Even after you have been trained, we will ensure that new volunteers are rota-ed alongside an experienced member of the team who will be responsible for ensuring that everything works together, so you can focus on your assigned role. 

Please consider if this is something you would be willing to do to help the church to continue to move forward as we come out of lockdown, and keep our community worshipping together as we have managed throughout the last year. If you would like to know more please contact Jon White, Andy Knott or Don Brown* - we'd love to talk with you more, and we won't hold you to anything, we promise!

* If you don't have contact details for these people email here and we will pass it on.


26th March 2021

The church has a very long association with St Andrews House residential care home with many members who have lived there over the years and several members who have been involved in the management and in leading services. They have asked us to share a video about the facility which we are happy to do here.

21st March 2021

Anyone who uses Warwick Road in their journey to or from church needs to be aware of the following Road Closures that are planned.

"Coventry Railway Station improvements – crane on Warwick Road
So that we can safely and quickly get on with the improvement work to the railway station, we need to put a crane on Warwick Road. The crane will be located just south of the railway bridge, near to the Michaelmas Road and Warwick Road junction and it will be used to lift in parts of the new footbridge and canopies.
For the majority of the time the crane is in place, a contraflow system will be used so that single lane traffic can run in both directions on Warwick Road south of the Central 6 roundabout. However, there are times when we will need to temporarily close lanes or the whole road to traffic and pedestrians. These dates and times are subject to weather conditions, but we expect the following closures on Warwick Road: 

Amended Dates

Saturday 24 April and Sunday 25 April - Full closure of Spencer Avenue/Road between 4pm on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday up to and including 15 and 16 May.

Saturday 10 April and Sunday 11 April  - Full Closure of Warwick Road between 12.01am on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday

Saturday 17 April and Sunday 18 April - Outbound lane (from city centre) closed from 12.01am on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday. Full closure from 4pm on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday

Saturday 24 April and Sunday 25 April - Outbound lane (from city centre) closed from 12.01am on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday. Full closure from 4pm on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday

Saturday 1 May and Sunday 2 May Outbound lane (from city centre) closed from 12.01am on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday. Full closure from 4pm on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday

Saturday 8 May and Sunday 9 May - Outbound lane (from city centre) closed from 12.01am on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday. Full closure from 4pm on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday

Saturday 15 May and Sunday 16 May - Outbound lane (from city centre) closed from 12.01am on Saturday until 1pm on Sunday. Full Closure of Warwick Road from 4pm on Saturday until 11.59pm on Sunday

Signed diversion routes will be in place. The closures will be between the Spencer Road junction and the Central 6 roundabout. Access will be available to Central 6 from the north (city centre direction) of the roundabout during closures.

Parts of the crane will need to remain on Warwick Road between the closures and this means that the junction of Warwick Road and Michaelmas Road will be closed for the full six-week period. Access to Michaelmas Road will be via Stoney Road, this will be clearly signed.

21st March 2021

On Tuesday 23rd March there will be a National Day of Reflection, organised by Marie Curie, and for Christians, this will be a day to both reflect and pray. Across the country, churches are invited to be prayerful one year on from the start of the first lockdown. There will be a minute’s silence at 12 noon followed by a ringing of church bells and later a doorstep vigil at 8pm.  
The National Day of Reflection looks to reflect on our collective loss, support those who have been bereaved, and hope for a brighter future.

General Secretary of Churches Together in England, Rev Dr. Paul Goodliff said: “the churches in membership with Churches Together in England want to ‘fan the flames’ of prayer at every opportunity, and I welcome the way in which we can not only remember the past year on this National Day of Remembrance, with all of its challenges and sorrows, but also as Christians bring together remembrance and prayer. Our hope, whether in life or death, is in the mercy and kindness of God, and we join with so many who will pray on the 23rd March.” 

Rev Lynn Green, General Secretary of Baptists Together, says 'A year on, we pause together to reflect.  I would encourage all of us to take a moment on 23rd March to remember and to acknowledge the losses we have experienced, the pain of our communities and the struggles the pandemic has created across our world.  As we pause, we pray in hope to God who calls us by name and leads us  with the promise of perfect, unending love.'

13th March 2021

As a church we have various links with Mission partners in other countries. We have recently had news from Acts Chapel in Liberia which you can see here

3rd March 2021

Before the pandemic, when our Foodbank centre was open, representatives from Christians Against Poverty were regularly present to offer help to those with debt issues. Ian Burton from CAP has sent us an update of what has happened since the situation changed which you can read here.

25th February 2021

St Andrews House is a residential home for older people which many of you will know about. Before Covid they had a waiting list of people to come & stay but now, like most care homes, they have empty rooms. They would greatly appreciate this being made know as appropriate. More details are here.

19th February 2021

Operation Agri is an organisation we, as a church, support. They have a webinar on Monday, 1st March at 7pm.  There will be various reports on projects, including two of Paul Kyalimpa’s (with whom we are in a long term partnership), a recent  video on the Imarika project ( which we featured in our Harvest Service) and hopefully an interview with someone from a project in Asia. Details of how to book your place are here.

17th February 2021

We have not had any previous contact as a church with these organisations but they sent us this information which some might like to see.

"In partnership with Together For Change, The Message have secured funding for a Message Bus that will operate exclusively in Coventry and Warwickshire.

A Message Bus is a double decker bus that is completely refurbished to become a mobile youth friendly space, that in partnership with the local church is a fantastic tool to engage with young people in the local community. When a young person steps onboard a bus they enter a safe space to go as well somewhere full of things to do with their mates, such as playing on games consoles, nail bars, DJ studio equipment and much more. Every young person also gets to hear the gospel for themselves as our teams share the love of Jesus in God slots. For more information, please click here  

A bus for Coventry and Warwickshire has been purchased and is currently undergoing it’s renovation, and we have begun to advertise for the role of Bus Manager/Evangelist.  We would really appreciate it if you would be willing to share the listing for the role with your church family. The listing can be found here

14th February 2021

The 2021 Bible Tour Lent Challenge is a 40-day invitation to take a deep dive into the Bible. Revd Dr Helen Paynter, Tutor in Biblical Studies at Bristol Baptist College, set herself a lockdown project of releasing a video each day, until she had gone through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. We offer these here, in conjunction with the Baptist Union of Great Britain, as a Lent Course for individuals and churches. You can view the entire course here or follow on social media as we release the videos for each day.

12th February 2021

We still do not know when it will be possible to resume having a congregation in the Church and whilst we can be certain that many things will be different to how they were before the pandemic, not all of the details are yet known. One thing we can be certain of is that the way of getting into the main church car park will be different.

Next Tuesday, 16th February, a new road will open near the church. So as before, from the junction above Junction 6 of the Ring Road we will take the slip road down towards the clockwise Ring Road but now we will turn left off it earlier than previously onto the new road (which has two way traffic). This will take us to Westminister Road where we will turn right and then right again into the now two way Grosvenor Road where the car park is at the end on the left. The previous access into Grosvenor Road from the slip road will be closed off.

When leaving the church we need to remember that Grosvenor Road is two way. We can either retrace our route back onto the slip road to the clockwise Ring Road or exit through one end or the other of Westminster Road.. 

10th February 2021

Church Member Anita White works for Global Care, an international childrens charity which we as a church have supported over many years. Anita has asked if we might draw your attention to a new book of studies based on the book of Ruth that Global Care has produced so here goes!

‘Where You Go, I Will Go’ is a 40-day series of Bible studies, reflections and prayers, suitable for Lent (or any other time of year.)

As well as being a contemplative and study resource, this Bible study book also incorporates true stories of the challenges faced by real children around the world, encouraging us to consider what it means to love like Ruth – to choose to walk with someone from poverty and desperation, to a place of hope.

The book is also available in audio format - a download link with all copies purchased. The cost is £7 (free delivery) and you can buy it here (Scroll to bottom that page).

All money raised through the sale of the book will support Global Care's work with vulnerable children in disadvantaged communities around the world.

And one final bit of information - the book is written by Keith and Karen Parr. (For those not familiar, Keith is a former minister of our church).

29th January 2021

The Well Healing Centre in Leamington are arrranging a Listening to God Morning:- an online event:-

"Pain and Suffering, God and the Bible: Where’s the Truth?"  on Saturday 20th February 2021, 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

How, in the midst of life’s storms, are we to make sense of what the Bible says about God’s goodness and love? Too many ‘solutions’ to the traditional problem of evil require us to accept that suffering isn’t really as bad as we think. The Bible, in contrast, acknowledges the deep anguish of our hurting world, and claims to offer a solution that brings healing, peace and hope. This event will unpack the Biblical account of suffering and equip you to reach your own conclusions about its truth and power.

Further details of the event and how to book are available from The Well's website:


26th January 2021

We have important news about Coventry Foodbank:- 

From 1st February, the management of the foodbank will move from the Trussell Trust to the organisation Feed the Hungry. They will, however, remain a part of the Trussell Trust network of food banks.

Feed the Hungry is an international charity, with its UK base in Hinckley and offices in 10 other countries. It is food aid charity whose vision aligns with that of the Trussell Trust and food banks in the network. You can read more about what they are currently doing on their website.  Feed the Hungry has strong networks in Coventry, which Foodbank will aim to help build upon to provide the community with an even greater service.

They will also welcome back a familiar face in the form of Gavin Kibble (a founder of Coventry Foodbank), as Regional Operations Director at Feed The Hungry with direct responsibility for Coventry Foodbank.

Day-to-day food bank support will continue as before, with people struggling to afford food still able to access emergency food at the foodbank’s 17 centres in the city. But in the future people will also be able to access a wider range of support with business mentors, work clubs, clothes recycling, and advice on welfare, debt, health and wellbeing.

Graham Carpmail, manager of our Foodbank Distribution Centre, has agreed to become a Trustee of the Feed the Hungry organisation.


9th January 2021

In view of the present high rates of Coronavirus infections the church leadership has decided that a plan to re-open our building for worship on 17th January cannot go ahead. (This decision has since been affirmed by a recommendation from the Baptist Union). Services will continue to be streamed each Sunday for the foreseeable future and the question of returning to the premises to worship will be kept under review

8th January 2021

It goes without saying that the pandemic in general and lockdown in particular can cause issues for all of us. You might like to consider these free courses (on Zoom) for yourself or for someone you know.  (For more information about the organisation running the courses please email us).

8th January 2021

Inevitably some people are seeing the roll out of the COVID Vaccine as an opportunity to scam people. Please see this warning from the NHS and West Midlands Police.

14th December 2020

The time of Samuel David as Intern in our Jordan Well project is coming to an end and we have two videos to show  and tell what has been achieved. Firstly a collation of pictures which is here (2½ minutes) and a detailed interview with Samuel by Andy Ransberry can be found here. (30 mins). And finally we also have a video of the song "Cornerstone" which the Jordan Well group made for use in our Sunday worship, here.


13th December 2020

Opening the chapel for congregational worship.

The Diaconate has decided that assuming that COVID regulations (which are long and complicated in relation to worship services) or other factors do not change, the Chapel will be open for a congregation to worship with effect from Sunday 17th January 2021. It will not be as it was in the past due to the regulations but, of course,  everyone involved will endeavour to make it as helpful as possible.   Being present will be a very different experience to what it was before the virus with one way systems, masks, no congregational singing and no mingling of households.

Numbers will be limited, particularly at first, so we will implement an advance booking system, details of which will be publicised in early January (No bookings can be taken before then.)  We would like to emphasize that the services will continue to be streamed as they are now so there is no pressure to attend if you are not yet comfortable with the idea. If you have been joining our services from somewhere not local to Coventry you will be able to stay with us. Please keep watching the website for more information in the New Year.


3rd November 2020

Road works continue around the church and this will affect access to the main car park this weekend. We have been advised as follows

"The work for new road surfacing and markings is scheduled to take place between Friday 6th and Sunday 8th November 2020. subject to weather conditions. The working hours are between 8.00 and 16.00. We will maintain access to Westminster Road and the car parks next to Grosvenor Road and Warwick Road at all times, via a diversion route between the city centre, junctions 6 and 7 of the Ring Road on Westminster Road and Regent Street to enable us to carry out the work safely. Access to Grosvenor Road will be for "restricted access only" and primarily for residents. Existing on-street parking will not be maintained on Grosvenor Road."

From other information received earlier, we know that when the new link road from Westminster Road to the northbound slip road is opened, the current access from the slip road into Grosvenor Road by QRBC will be closed.   In Grosvenor Road, the existing contraflow lane for cyclists heading for the city centre will be removed along with the islands and parking bays, and the road will be re-marked to permit two way traffic.   We believe there will then be no parking allowed in Grosvenor Road, and access to QRBC will be via (the new link road if required), Westminster Road, and Grosvenor Road in the opposite direction to “normal”.

Therefore, please note that (a) access to our front car park may be temporarily restricted, and (b) Grosvenor Road may suddenly become two-way, so we will need to look right as well as left when leaving the front car park.

Please exercise extreme caution if and when you are visiting the church building over the next few weeks.


2nd November 2020

This year instead of a Light Party as alternative to Halloween we encouraged people to follow a Light Trail around 16 Coventry Churches. We had a good take up for this across all age groups. Thanks to Sarah White for leading this event. Some people who were not able to participate have asked if they could see the photos that had to be spotted in the windows of the various churches so here they are. You will need to click here and then come back and click here to see the rest.

BREAKING NEWS from Sarah  "We're going to do a Nativity trail similar to this Light one. But we plan to ask members of the congregation to draw or paint cartoon style nativity characters that we can then use and put up around the churches again"  Watch out for more news about this shortly in our daily Updates 

28th October 2020

One for the diary

8th October 2020

Queen’s Road Foodbank opens again

We are pleased that we have been able to open our foodbank again on a Monday 10.00 -12.00, joining the other 11 centres in the City who are providing an emergency food parcel to people needing support.

People in need of help can obtain a voucher from care professionals, such as doctors, health visitors, social workers and the Citizens Advice. This voucher is then exchanged at one of the centres for a prepacked food parcel. We are also able to issue a voucher in emergency situations.

Trussell Trust have worked with nutritionists to develop a food parcel that contains sufficient nutrition for adults and children, providing at least 3 days of healthy balanced meals for individuals and families. We also provide essential non-food items such as toiletries and hygiene products.

If you would like to provide practical support with donations of tinned meat, fish or vegetables, long life juice, squash, cereals, tea, coffee and packet mashed potato this would be would be appreciated. Financial gifts would also be appreciated.

Please pray for our team, for protection and good health as we set out to meet the needs of the many people in our City who are finding life really difficult at this time.

8th October 2020

African Pastors Fellowship (APF ) is an organisation that we as a Church support. We thought you might like to see this short video about their current activities.

22nd May 2020

Open Heaven is an initiative in the city of Coventry, uniting churches from every denomination, network and stream, to prayer-walk every street during the month of June 2020.

As we unite together in prayer, we believe we will see God move here for His glory. 

We invite you to be involved!

Some members of the fellowship of QRBC are planning to take part and we welcome and encourage others to do so.

Prayer-walking will be done as individuals or pairs in strict adherence to Government safety guidelines, and you can choose to cover as few or as many streets as you like. You can even be involved if you are in isolation at home or are otherwise unable to go out.

If you are interested and would like more information about what is involved, please contact Sandra Hobley or Jan Fisher or email

Full details are available on the Open Heaven website


1st November 2019

The Light Party, an alternative to Halloween is one of the most attended events of the year at QRBC.  Once again the event was brilliantly imaginative and well organised by the team. So many people were involved in making it happen, and it was lovely to have so many of the young people helping too. With a Glow Disco, Face painting, hot dogs and drinks, biscuit decorating, many crafty activities, apple bobbing and other activities there was plenty to do. Over 300 people came along - it was great to celebrate the light rather than the darkness together.



18th April 2019

Last Saturday we held our Love Event with activities for all of the family. Number attending were, in all honesty, a bit disappointing but those who were there  report having had a very good time. The creations in the photo were by Collins Chabala, one of our Deacons.


25th March 2019

Please note that there will be no service at 6.30pm next Sunday ( 31st March 2019) due to a significant part of the usual evening congregation being at the Church Weekend Away.

15th March 2019

Rev Neil Martin writes:- I begin this article with a confession that I believe is appropriate at this time. My confession is that, at times, I fall into the category of a walking stereotype of a man. When I'm in the kitchen, I'll walk around, open all the cupboard doors to find something, and then yes, I do, I wander off, and leave them all open. I can spend 20 minutes looking through cupboards for something, only to have Liz wander in, look in the first drawer I was at, and produce the searched-for item. You see, I am a cliché: without someone to help organise me, I would have no social life. So, with that in mind, I have drawn together a group of fellow sufferers of Male Stereotype Syndrome (MSS), to organise social events that men who suffer with the awful stigma of stereotypitus may attend. (Please note all men are welcome, including those who do not suffer with MSS.) Please find the dates of planned activities below, with the names of the relevant organisers. Please come and talk to me  or email if you have any questions. The first dates are:-

Thursday 21st March at 7.30pm                              The Old  Windmill pub

Monday 8th April at 7.30pm                                    Curry House (contact Iain Colville)


15th February 2019

Just a few weeks ago we launched an appeal to raise money to buy a motor bike for one of the workers at Acts Chapel, Kakata, Liberia - one of our partners overseas. An amazing £798.50 was collected by QR to send to the church to purchase a motorbike for £640.00. The appeal is now closed. The extra monies will be use towards replacing parts, fuel etc. Thank you for your support.

21st December 2018

As usual in the period before Christmas lots has been happening.  At a recent Girls Brigade event the audience were treated to some music items and a poem acted out by the Explorers. Then the older girls performed 'Babushka'  - a Russian tale about a grandma who met the Three Wise Men and then went on her own quest to find the Christ child.

Well done everyone!


20th December 2018

In the run-up to Christmas over 100 children from three schools have beento the church to experience "Rewind to Christmas"
The children meet and can talk to the characters in the Nativity story as they learn what happened around Jesus birth.

The children also engage in creative activities.

16th December 2018

Lots going on in this pre-Christmas season - you can see some of it in this Gallery of photos.

20th November 2018

Hundreds of shoeboxes for the Operation Christmas Child appeal have been collected from the church today and taken to the processing centre in Whitley where they will be checked and packed into cartons and ultimately shipping containers that will take them to children who have very little.

The shoeboxes were from the church community and others, including schools, who used QRBC as the collecting point for their boxes.

17th November2018

The service of Ordination and Induction has been held, conducted by Regional Minister, Rev Adrian Argile with Rev Prof Philip McCormack, Principal of Spurgeon's College preaching. Photographs of the occasion can be found here.


11th November 2018

27th October 2018

Another wedding between QRBC members with Rev Graham Banks conducting the service. More photos can be found here


29th September 2018

Very longstanding QRBC members Graham and Brenda have been married with Rev Graham Banks conducting the service. More photos of this happy event can be found here

15th July 2018

We were looking forward to the service in celebration of 100 years of Girls Brigade at Queens Road Baptist Church and it did not disappoint!
Click the link to see some photos from the occasion.

29th April 2018 

For the 134th Anniversary of moving to the present building we welcomed a choir and musicians from Georgia USA. They are on a UK tour and those that came to us were from a group known as 'the Sons of Jubal' and also from the Truett McConnell University. They led the morning service and the preacher was Dr J Robert White, Executive Director of the Georgia Baptist Convention.

Some photos of the visit can be seen here

30th March 2018

Two busy days of "Rewind to Easter" saw approaching 200 children and their teachers visiting the church to experience the Easter story. Importantly they reported that they enjoyed it and they kept our team on their toes with some great questions.

Team briefing Palm Sunday
Pertinent questions Warming himself by the fire

To all at Queens Road Baptist Church,

Thank you so much for inviting us to your church and educating us about the Easter Story. We really appreciate the effort you put into making it so interesting and interactive for us. It must have taken so much time and preparation and we are really thankful!

We especially liked meeting the disciple characters and sharing food with them. We also liked the eggs and crafts you provided. We felt that everyone involved was really helpful and friendly.

We hope to visit again one day,

Year 5, Southfields Primary School



14th March 2018

We were delighted (on 13th March) to welcome Ishmael back  for his "Glorie Days" concert.  More photosd can be found here

14th December 2017

This week we have had the pleasure of welcoming people from various schools to our "Rewind to Christmas" event. At the end of Sunday (17th) morning's service please stay a bit longer and visit the various “stations” set up around the church this week to bring the story of Jesus’s birth alive for local year 6 schoolchildren. The children became “Stable Detectives” and travelled with the wise men (and women) searching for the new baby, they visited the shepherds, the angel, a scary King Herod, before finally arriving at the inn and meeting a grumpy innkeeper, (although he did provide refreshments!) Please come and see what the children saw and enjoy for yourself “Rewind to Christmas!”

King Herod The Inn The Stable

30th November 2017

Church Secretary Jan Fisher made a presentation to Graham Carpmail to thank him for his service as Centre Manager over the last 7 years. Jan also thanked Graham's wife, Yvonne, for supporting Graham in his role.

Graham has developed excellent links with many organisattions who have used our rooms and catering facilities bringing the premises alive during the week. Although he has retired from this post, Graham will continue to work with our Foodbank on a voluntary basis.


29th November 2017

Thank you to all who came along to the Christmas Crafternoon last Saturday. Joy Knott who organised the event says "We had a lovely time and raised £322.30 for breast cancer research. People enjoyed it so much that they have already asked me if we can do it again next year. What an encouraging response!"

8th November 2017

The red poppies to remember the fallen turn to white to symbolise our hope for peace.

A cascade of poppies is in place inside the Chapel ready for the Remembrance Sunday Service (10.30am).

10th October 2017

On Saturday the Global Care Bake-off was held at the church - a very enjoyable event and more importnatly it raise over £2000 (with the help of match funding from Barclays Bank) for work with some of the world's most deprived children. You can see some photos here.

11th September 2017

Next Sunday (17 September), Coventry hosts HSBC UK City Ride Coventry. As part of a day of traffic-free cycling designed to encourage as many people as possible to get out on their bikes, Coventry City Council will be closing roads (More details) between a maximum period of 6.00am and 6.00pm. Roads will re-open as soon as all equipment is taken from the route after the event finishes at 3.00pm and it is safe and feasible to do so. The Ring Road clockwise will remain open throughout so full access to the church will be maintained throughout the day. Some buses will be re-routed - details will, apparently, be on bus stops. We cannot find the detials of this at the time of writing.

7th July 2017

An invitation for you to share with the children you know. (To print it right click and "save image as" [any name you like] onto your computer from where you can print it by opening the file and right clicking again on the image and selecting "print")

3rd July 2017

Since July last year we have been following the progress of and praying for the Delhi Action - Kirsty, Grace, Helen and Sara. And now after their time in Delhi and 8 weeks travelling round the country telling about what they had done, the end of their time as a team has come. You can read their final blog here.

5th May 2017

Our good friends at Spark in the Park are well ahead with planning for the event for children and their families. This year it will run from Monday  to Wednesday, 7 - 9 August.  Lots of fun is to be had by all.  There are a lot of activities available (some are weather permitting)  including inflatables, craft, sport, tattoos and time to find out what it says in the Bible about the Superheros that can be found there. More immediately they are fund raising as the event is free. This weekend they have quiz and disco - full details here

7th February 2017

Lent Bible Studies led by Rev Ralph Hanger

Lent is a period in the church calendar which is intended for thoughtful reflection and prayer to prepare us for the Easter season – both the drama of Good Friday and the thrill of Easter Sunday.

Many of us will be using a Lent Journal which Rev Graham Banks has produced for us to assist us in this thoughtful preparation.  As we go through this, he has touched on a number of issues which we might like the opportunity to think about more and talk about with others.

This year’s Lent Bible studies will give the opportunity to do just this.  We have picked out themes from the journal like – Creation – Suffering – Lamentations – Sacrifice – Abiding in Christ – Gethsemane.  We will look at major passages relating to the theme in hand, giving time for all involved to voice their experiences, difficulties or questions or just to listen to what others are saying.

Why not come and share in these studies?  We will meet on Thursdays 9th,16th,23rd and 30th March and Wednesdays  5th and 12th April – normally in the church lounge from 7.30- 9.00pm.

30th January 2017

During 2016 our food bank team distributed 907 three day food parcels to a total of 2311 people. This number included 1310 adults and 1001 children. A total of 18,650 kgs (or 18.65 tonnes if you prefer) of food was given out from our store, plus over 100 soft toys. This supported people who are finding life tough going in a practical way. In addition to this our fellowship distributed 68 Christmas Hampers to people who needed a bit of support or came to our food bank centre during the Advent season.


The Ministry Team, Church Officers and Deacons wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas



Throughout the year the Queens Road Foodbank team distribute literally tonnes of food to people who are in need (for a whole variety of circumstances) as one of the operating centres of Coventry Foodbank.

At Christmas, as a church, we like to make an extra gift to those in need, mostly those we have served through Foodbank but also others we know. These hampers (66 this year) contain more than just the basics, perhaps some nice biscuits, some cheese, some Christmas crackers, a toy or two for the children, sweets and so on. These are being distributed in the next few days.

Thank you to all who have contributed to the hampers with requested items (or cash to buy them), Thank you to the team who have put them together and also to those who have volunteered to deliver the hampers to homes around the city.



Something for the New Year? The Marriage Course was developed in 1996 by Nicky and Sila Lee (authors of The Marriage Book) for couples looking for practical support to strengthen their relationship. It is for couples who are in a married or cohabiting* relationship and seeking to strengthen their relationship. Some couples do the course to invest in their relationship, others need more urgent help. Either way, the course offers a lifetime of practical ideas and tools to help keep your relationship strong.
*The Marriage Course is based on Christian principles but designed for all couples with or without a church background.
Each session consists of a meal, a practical talk and a time for private discussion between you and your partner.
We plan to run The Marriage Course over seven evenings from February 2nd 2017.
For more information or to register interest contact Jo and Dan Simonds.
Further details can be found on the Marriage Course website


Some documents to help with our prayers over the Advent season can be found here.


Our All Age services are an important part of our programme of worship services. Recently they have been on the first Sunday of each month but we are now making this more flexible to include key dates. The dates for the first half of 2017 are:-

29th January; 12th February; 26th March (Mothering Sunday); 16th April  (Easter Sunday); 21st May  (Communion);  18th June  (Fathers Day)


Rev Graham Banks has been inducted as our new minister in a service attended by people from QRBC and many visitors from Graham's previous church in Bognor Regis and other friends from Coventry and around the country. The service was conducted by Rev Anthony Orr who has acted a Moderator during the Pastoral Vacancy. The induction was carried out by Regional Minister Rev Niel Le Tissier and the address was given by Jamie Fredricks, Minister in Training at Opengate Church in Bognor. The service was followed a by tea with masses of food. Photos of the occasion can be found here


We are an Action Team Training Church for the BMS Gap Year project for young people who want to do a Christian gap year and/or explore what God might be calling them to in the future.

This year we are working with the India Delhi Team (Kirsty, Helen, Grace and Sara) who have already visited us for two weekends in September. In early October they set off for Delhi to work with a project called Anusaran, which means "following the example" (of Christ). Here they will be helping at a non-formal school for children who don't have the opportunity to go to school. Anusaran also provides a women's empowerment project that we will be contributing too. On return to the UK we will be doing a 2 month tour of the UK, sharing our experiences in churches, schools and youth groups.Anusaran also provides a women’s empowerment project that the team will be working with. The team also hopes to get involved in the life of a local Church in Delhi.

You can keep up with their news by signing up for their blogs (contact the Church Office) or following their Facebook page Delhi: Action Team 2016-17.

They will return to us in April 2017 to share some of the experiences and what God has been teaching them, before going on a 2 month tour of Churches in the UK.


From the beginning of September until mid October our Sunday morning services will be following the theme of prayer. The feedback from the fellowship meeting held in March showed that almost every discussion group shared some concern about prayer whether as individuals or corporately as a church. As Christians we want to continually draw closer to our Heavenly Father, and like any relationship with someone we love, we need to be able to talk to Him, honestly and openly and to listen and hear from him accurately.  So it seems appropriate that we should follow this topic of prayer through into our Small Group bible studies which will be beginning in the autumn.

The material we are offering is entitled   “Prayer – An Adventure with God” and it’s part of the Scripture Union Lifebuilder bible studies series.  If you are part of a Small group and you use the material we hope that you will find it helpful, and if you are currently not in a Small Group but would like to get involved, please contact Anna Grimshaw

8/8/16  The service to mark the beginning of Rev Graham Banks ministry with us (known as an Induction service) will take place on Saturday 12th November at 2pm. It will be led by a new member of the Regional Ministry Team, Rev Neil Le Tissier and be followed by refreshments.




We are delighted to announce that Rev Graham Banks has accepted a call from the church to become its next Minister. He and his wife Chris will be moving to Coventry from Bognor Regis, probably in the Autumn. Further details will be announced as they become available.


From 1982 to 1986 Rev. Graham Banks was Associate Minister at Queens Road - his first post after college. Since then he has had long pastorates in a church near Leeds and another in Sussex.

Graham will be leading worship on 10th July and we will be exploring the possibility of him joining our Ministry Team. More details for Members can be found here.


Over the period from last September we have been having (limited) news of the BMS Kosovo Acrtion Team and praying for them. Since they returned to the UK and visited us in April, they have been touring the country telling of their experiences. You can learn more about this here  Please continue to pray..


Below are few photos of Keith Parr's induction service at Maghull Baptist Church in Liverpool. Over 70 people travelled from Coventry to support Keith and Karen. They were very warmly welcomed by the people at MBC. Rev Phil Jump led the service and Rev Adrian Argile preached. The tea afterwards was exceptional.

  The Church Secretary of Maghull B.C. explains how they came to call Keith. The Minister of Maghull Baptist Church!


As part of the Parade Service four young men of the Boys Brigade were awarded their Presidents badge. Great to see their dedication and achievement - Congratulations!!!


On Sunday 20th December we have our traditional Carol Service where Christmas Carols are interspresed by readings related to Christmas from the Bible. But on Sunday 13th we had an "Alternative Carol Service". This was in the large hall with the congregation sat around tables, food to nibble on and drinks at any time. Some newer Christmas songs and older carols with different arrangements, some poems and some Bible readings topped off with a thought provoking talk.
One of the poems was "Christmas" by John Betjeman read by Michael. He helped us by explaining that a "Tortoise stove" was an early type of slow burning stove and that Crimson Lake and Hooker's Green are not places but names for the colours in the stained glass. You can read the poem here.


It has been announced that our Minister, Rev Keith Parr, has been called to be Minister of Maghull Baptist Church, Liverpool. He will leave Coventry at the end of February. Many people, both inside and outside the church, will be sorry to see him go but recognise that when God calls, it is good to obey!


The shoe boxes that were collected at QRBC for Operation Christmas Child have started their journey. Two consignments from QRBC have already gone to the Warehouse in Warwick (see photos) - the rest will go on Wednesday. When they reach the Warehouse they are sorted into Boys and Girls and then checked to ensure the contents are not going to cause any problems. The donations towards transport costs are separated at this point. As the team try to clear the pile the van keeps arriving with more. The checked boxes are sealed with security tapes before being put in large boxes for transportation. Next week they will be loaded into containers for their onward journeys. It is anticipated that up to 15,000 shoe boxes will go through the Warwick Warehouse.
Thank you again to all who supported the project.


Coventry Open Christmas will be held at QRBC again this year. Coventry Open Christmas is a voluntary organisation managed by the "Grub & Gab" club.They provide shelter and food to the homeless and lonely over the Christmas holiday when they are open 22 hours a day for five days. (24th to 28th December). In those five days it is etimated that they will provide over 600 meals and serve over 3,000 cups of tea and coffee. Offers of help, either on the open days or in the couple of days before and after (for set-up/breakdown) should be directed to Graham Carpmail, our Centre Manger on 024 7652 0621.


This year some of our Harvest Thanksgiving Offering (4th October) will be going to Operation Agri’s (OA) work in Bangladesh. You’ll be hearing about the valuable work done to help women in that country.
Another lady who has recently received help from OA is Christine Kyalimpa. Hopefully a lot of you will remember Christine and Paul’s visit to Queens Road in Feb 2014. While Christine was with us she visited a lot of groups at church. Among them was the Prayer Shawl group, where Svetlana taught her to knit.
When Christine returned home she gathered a group of 7 women together and taught them to knit. However, they lacked materials to produce knitted goods for sale.
Last autumn OA issued a challenge to children and other groups across the UK to collect knitting patterns, needles and wool. With the help of SMILE International everything collected was sent
to Christine in Kyenjojo in SW Uganda. Now Christine’s knitting group will be able to earn money for their families by selling the knitted garments they make.
They also plan to send two of the ladies to Kampala to be trained as trainers (ToTs) so they can teach other women to knit and earn an income for their families. This will help them to reach out into their communities with the love of Christ. The small ‘seed’ planted when Christine was taught to knit during her visit to QRBC is fast becoming a large tree!!!


CHRISTIAN AID NEWS - Where is your money spent?

Christian Aid’s Christmas appeal 2014 raised millions for maternal and child health projects in Kenya, Malawi and beyond – helping women to give birth safely to beautiful, bouncing babies. Praise God that in the last five months there have been no pregnancy related mother or baby deaths in Kenyan villages where Christian Aid has run health programmes.

Mary Odey didn't know how to protect her children from malaria. She tried using herbs and a traditional healer, but these were not enough to save the lives of two of her children. Things have changed since our partner AD-CHUS started working in Mary's village. Community Health Agent Ngozi Richard visited the house regularly to teach Mary about malaria and good use of a mosquito net. Mary was able to support her daughter, Christiana, ensuring she was protected during pregnancy and with the birth of her twins, and Mary is now a proud grandmother.
Now the whole family visit the health clinic and they have nets to sleep under. Mary said: They have helped teach me how to use the net very well. They taught me even if you are sleeping on the mats you must fold the mosquito net under the mat and sleep inside so the mosquitoes cannot enter the net.'
With the money raised by people like us Christian Aid is able to give precious gifts to communities like these – gifts such as mosquito net, diagnostic kits and medicine to treat malaria. Thanks be to God for His work through ordinary people like you and I and those who work for Christian Aid.
If you want to know more of how Christian Aid spend the money we raise join us at the Cathedral on Sunday 18th October at 6.30pm for a service of thanksgiving.


This year we are hoping to be a Training Church for another BMS Action Team but do you remember the Nepal Action Team from a few years ago? Eunice Fifield from that team got married on 18th July to Josh Smith. Our congratulations to the happy couple!



One of the churches Deacons, Emma Peak, married Jon Birch today in front of a packed church. Before they went on to the Reception members of the congregation were treated to magnificent cakes and drinks in the Large Hall and the opporunity to congratulate the happy couple.

More photos can be seen here


Another  good evening competing for the Arnold Wilkins Memorial Trophy as the church held its annual cricket match. The Trophy was presented to some younger members of the winning team by Peter Champion.


This morning we popped in to the Open Morning of a new neighbour. CORD is a Christian based organisation which works to build peace and strengthen communities in many troubled parts of the world (For example Chad - refugees from Sudan and Central African Republic, Burundi, Myanmar,Cambodia, Laos).

They have left their Leamington base and moved into Eaton House (the pale coloured  tall buidling between the church and the Railway Station).

For more information go to


23/4/15 When something happened around 2000 years ago it is not always easy to explain it in a way that accessible to the present culture. Our latest attempt to convey the Easter story was hugely popular with around 130 children plus parents and carers present on Good Friday for interactive Easter. You can get a flavour of the event by viewing the photo gallery

28/2/15 Keith Parr ordained

Our Minister, Keith Parr, has been ordained into the Baptist ministry after he had completed the necessary studying and had his calling affirmed in accordance with Baptist procedures. A well filled church took part in the service which was conducted by Rev Adrian Argile, the Regional Minister and Rev Clive Burnard preached the sermon. A time for refreshments afterwards gave Keith (and others) time to catch up with many visitors from across the city and further afield.

More photos of the event can be found here

22/1/15   A little extra

QRBC is a distribution point for Coventry Foodbank and is very busy when open. But in December we like to do a little bit extra. So, as previously, an appeal was made for some special Christmas items with which to make Hampers for those who had recently visited our Food Bank centre. As can be seen from the photo this had a huge response and enabled us to distribute dozens of hampers to make Christmas a little happier for people in hard times.

31/12/14  Thursday Tiddlywinks!

We are excited to announce that in the New Year we will start a second Tiddlywinks on a Thursday morning!  We will meet most Thursdays in term time. This will have a later start than the Friday group (10.30am) and will run until 12.15pm.  This gives us the opportunity to accommodate the many people on the waiting list as well as find spaces for the extras we’re currently squeezing into the Friday morning and give us more opportunity to build relationships with these people.

But that’s not all!  The majority of the time we would leave the halls set up for the Friday Tiddlywinks which gives us the opportunity (and space) to run short courses – maybe introduction to Christianity, Bbible studies for Mums, parenting help – as well as the opportunity to continue some of the conversations which are often started and unable to be finished due to the nature of the morning groups.  This can all be done in the familiar location the Mums know and their children are comfortable in. For more information ring Sarah White on 07967 374625


Many congratulations to Church member Vera Pedley on reaching the 100th birthday!


21/12/14  It has been done before but this morning we celebrated the approach of Christmas by enjoying a Nativity featuring the children and young people. Hours of preparation, huge efforts by the leaders and musicians and the fantastic children led to a memorable event. You can see photos of it here.

28/11/14 For the third year running our Foodbank will be supplying those visiting during Advent with a voucher to collect a Christmas hamper from us just before Christmas. We are inviting donations of suitable food which can be left at the church anytime it is open. We suggest some thing from the following list:-

Medium Christmas Pudding Large Custard
Small & Medium Christmas Cakes Tin of ham (pear shaped tin)
Tins of Salmon (Red or Pink) Chocolate biscuits (Large tins and small packs)
Boxes or tins of chocolates Tins of Friut Cocktail, Peaches, Pineapple
Selection Boxes Mince Pies

If you prefer to give money, then that can be used to purchase any items we are short of. Last year we distributed 60 hampers and we hope to do something similar this year

9/11/14  Photos of yesterday's Cream Tea with live music event can be found here

8/11/14  The Thailand Action Team including church member Richard Fuller are now well into their work in Thailand. The links below are an opportunity to catch up on what they and the long term BMS team are doing - it may bring tears to your eyes seeing the situation of those they are working with.

The Team's Blog      A video about the Rubbish Dump Community in Mae Sot  BMS long term work in Mae Sot

5/10/14  Following the extensive refurbishment of some of our rooms which took place a few years ago, we have recently increased the number of our chairs by ordering additional seating from Trent Pottery and Furniture.  Following the increase in demand for conference meeting facilities and church activities at Queens Road, we felt we required additional chairs to match the ones we purchased a few years ago to be used in the large hall.

Robert Price, Managing Director of Trent Pottery and Furniture where we purchased the chairs commented ‘We were delighted that Queens Road Baptist Church were so pleased with the chairs and decided contact us again when they needed more. We are so pleased to supply furniture to such a worthy cause which does so much within the community. We wish you well in the future and thank you for choosing Trent’.

14/10/14  Here is the Action Team's first blog since arriving in Thailand. It refers to "the dump"...We googled "Mae Sot the Dump" and got the following description (and quite a lot of very sad images, a couple of which are below) but, if you’ve time to do so, have a look for yourself as it will give a further insight into where the team will be working...They will need our prayer support!
"A garbage dump outside of Mae Sot, Thailand, is home to a group of Burmese people who have been displaced by armed conflicts in Burma. They are unable to return to their country where many of their villages have been destroyed and are unable to gain legal refugee status in Thailand; thus, their options are very limited. Those living in the Mae Sot Dump, even the children, earn a meagre living by picking recyclable plastic from piles of garbage."

13/10/14  In November we have arranged training in Prayer Ministry (Thursday 6th November 7.15 - 9.45pm and Saturday 15th November 9.30am to 4.15pm). If you are interested in this area of service or just wanting to be equipped to pray with anyone who may ask you, this is for you. It will be led by Rev Anne Hibbert, founder and director of the Well Christian Healing Centre in Leamington Spa. Open to those from all churches across the Coventry area. More details and online booking or a downloadable booking form can be found here.  Leaflets are also available at the church or ring the Church Office on 024 7652 0621. (A discounted rate is available for members of the QR congregation - please ask for details).

10/9/14  The Church has teamed up with The Well Christian Healing Centre to offer traing this Autumn.
The course will be led by Rev Anne Hibbert, Director of The Well and some of her Team. The Course aims to give a biblical framework for healing prayer. Each part of the training course will be a mixture of teaching, Bible input, the theory and principles of prayer, practical demonstrations and plenty of hands -on experience!
The course will cover:
Jesus and His Healing Ministry
Jesus’ mandate to us
How to pray for those needing healing
The power of the Cross and how to use it practically when praying
Learning to receive prophetic words and pictures to encourage others
Blockages to healing prayer, especially looking at unforgiveness
How to pray for various conditions
Personal preparation before praying

For more details and online booking or a downloadable booking form click here

22/5/14  Church member Raj Bagiarban is currently spending time in South Africa with mission organisation OM. Apart from learning to live and work in a multi national team, he has been involved in various outreach activities including a trip to the town of Motohani in Lesotho (below).

On the left is Raj's OM Family (team). He says "my family consists of Kristen, now living in Hong Kong originally from USA, Fun from China, Lea from Switzerland, Marc from South Africa (sitting in the chair and also my room-mate), Pieter our family group Dad also from South Africa, Nate also from Switzerland, also my accountability partner and one of my closest friends here, William  from South Africa, Nanja from the Netherlands and, last but by no means least, our family group Mom Leike also from Netherlands"..


21/5/14  Earlier this year we were delighted to welcome to Coventry Pastor Paul Kyalimpa and his wife from Uganda. We are aiming to build relationships between ourselves and the churches that Paul serves in Uganda. We have recently heard from Paul. He says "We are all well and doing well. I have been visiting churches and sharing our visit experience to Coventry and with QRBC.  People have been so happy. and I have given bibles to churches and they are so thankful for the gift of bibles from QRBC. The churches have liked the partnership and they say they look forward to praying for you. We have also met with children and given them the clothes and  Easter eggs and sweets from UK.  On 10th May we had a seminar with the married couples from all churches".

The other part of Paul's work is training people in agriculture. He is particularly busy in this at the moment. The photos below show some of the groups he is working with.


27/4/14  For Church Anniversary weekend we organised a walk around Ryton Pools. 43 Adults & 21 children made a total of 64 people + 4 dogs! involved in the afternoon’s event. Out of 58 people on the walk 18 just did the they had other commitments.  40 returned to church to be joined by 6 more for a chip supper.  

Photos of the event are here

1/4/14  There are so many activities going on at QRBC, some high profile, some lower profile. Perhaps in the latter category is the Craft Group which has been quietly meeting monthly since 1989. This years Easter activity has been decorating candles with a seasonal theme.

31/3/14  Church member Raj Bagiarban is currently in South Africa on a Mission Discipleship Training course with Operation Mobilisation (OM).

Raj and Martin (from Germany) cooking Schnitzel

Raj writes  "My OM family consists of, Kristen now living in Hong Kong originally from USA, Fun from China, Lea from Switzerland, Marc from South Africa, Pieter our family group Dad also from South Africa, Nate also from Switzerland, also my accountability partner and one of my closest friends here, William also from South Africa, Nanja from the Netherlands and last but by no means least our family group Mum Leike also from Netherlands. Please keep us all in your prayers, we meet up and eat food, talk, share testimonies, chill, play games and do other family stuff with each other. We meet once a week and the time we all spend with each other is very precious and blessed, so please pray that we all get on really well and that the family time is enjoyable"

"Me and Evelyn are team leaders for Team 2 … this is a massive shock for both of us as we don’t feel like we are natural leaders. But this will be a fantastic challenge for us both".

The team have recently visited a town called Motohani in Lesotho. Before they went Raj wrote "We will be living in mud huts and there is no washing facilities and it’s a 10KM round trip for water everyday. Spiritual warfare here is rife and we are not used to it in the Western world as much" We hope to be able to bring a report of this trip and Raj's other activities soon.

The venue for a prayer night before the trip to Lesotho


5/3/14  Will you know how to get to church? Work starts soon on the giant redevelopment scheme near the church called "Friargate". The scheme will provide the Council with new offices drawn together on a single site from several places currently. There will also be offices, hotelsand even some housing on what is now the Grosvenor Road public car park although this is all going to take many years to achieve, perhaps fifteen.

The first part of the scheme is to change the road layout and to build a bridge deck, 100 metres wide, over the Ring Road to make a sweeping walk from the Station to the City Centre via an enlarged Greyfriars Green. On the weekend of 22nd/23rd March the three "Junction 6" bridges over the Ring Road (two road and one pedestrian) will be demolished and thereafter temporary traffic arrangements will be in place for about 18 months until the new road layout is finalised. Detailed guidance of how to access the church by car can be found here and will be kept updated. Information about changes to bus routes is here

Also on 23rd March is the Coventry Half Marathon! The route has been changed and this year, for perhaps obvious reasons it does not come anywhere near the church. The arterial roads that are affected are Holyhead Road and Radford Road - more details here

This "artists impression" should be taken with a pinch of salt as it does not appear to offer access to Grosvenor Road or to Central Six. A plan of the finished scheme appears to show these accesses being unchanged from the present  i.e off the Ring Road slip road and off the small roundabout respectively.


As a church we have a very long association with Coventry Youth for Christ going back to at least the 1960s. We are delighted that they will be with us again on Saturday to share about their work and to provide a nice breakfast while doing so. Do come to support them if you can.

We are looking forward to building our partnership with Paul and Christine as they visit us from Uganda from 7th – 24th March.
Everyone, is invited to meet them informally on Saturday 15th March 7-9pm at the church with entertainment and
desserts! (See March Look Inside)

19/2/14  Each week we welcome many people and organisations who hire parts of our church premises. They run various activities which are not under the control of the church but are helping people in various different ways. Some are charities while others are run by people who are making their living from the activities. One such organisation is Patchwork Craft who would like you to know this about them:-

"We would like to let you know about our art and craft workshops for adults with learning disabilities in Coventry at Queens Road Baptist Church.

Patchwork Craft are running a weekly course on Tuesday afternoons 12.30-3.00, term time only. We have a long history of working with adults with learning disabilities and see great value in the therapeutic benefits of art and craft. Our workshops are an environment where friends can be made and new skills can be developed. We also have a break for a cuppa and biscuit!

There is a charge for the workshops, £8 per session or £6 when booking 4 or more sessions. Contact us for more details; 07757438233 / 07930608818 or email us at"


OK, it took us a month to get this photo to the 'Latest News' page but we wanted to record this happy and meaningful event for Matthew, Holly and their children. In the Baptist tradition we only baptise those who are old enough to have made a decision about following Jesus for themselves. That does not mean that wecoming little ones is not important. We do this through a dedication service in which the parents and the church community make promises to care for and teach the children.

(If this is of interest to you, please contact the minister, Keith Parr.)


Not (yet) mentioned elsewhere on this website is the fact that we have a church library with a varied range of books and digital media. In this photo, taken today, Mary and June are preparing new books (Tom Wright Commentaries) to be added to the shelves.


We are greatly blessed as a church by so many people who give their time in many, many ways to serve God. We thank God for you all, whatever you do, whether seen or (as in many cases), unseen.

We caught these  three "Cleaning Angels" on the way back to the office! They were just going for a well earned cuppa after tackling part of the chapel.

28/1/14   The Riding Lights are a theatre company with a Christian ethos committed to producing work with a spiritual heart that encourages, inspires and challenges audiences. They are performing at the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, from 1st to 22nd February. The play is Ben Jonson's The Alchemist.
The Riding Lights say "The Alchemist's tale of deception and vanity shows how easily we can be duped by riches, fame and success. Aimed squarely at our self-centred, consumer driven culture, the show raises explosively topical questions about the vices and foibles of human nature, priorities, and social expectations which humans - and especially Christians - need to address"

You can view a trailer for the show here and more about the Riding Lights is here