Helping Others at Christmas

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Coventry City Mission – Giving Tree Appeal

As you may know for over 25 years Coventry City Mission has been supporting disadvantaged families across Coventry at Christmas by giving gifts to them for their children.   Over the last few years we’ve been giving out more and more presents, (partly as a response to the increased awareness of our project, but more worryingly due to the current benefit challenges).  Last year we were pleased to be able to give gifts to 896 children from 362 families.

For us this project isn’t just about providing gifts for the children, it is about meeting with families and impacting their lives with the love of God.  With each parcel we give out we provide appropriate tracts for the family, and also provide them with the details of our groups and projects that they can attend. 

Obviously, things are different this year and that has already provided us with a number of challenges;

  •          We are expecting more people to be in need due to the many job losses that have and are occurring due to covid 19. 
  •          We are unable to run our usual projects and meet these people to refer them to the project. 
  •          We are unable to hold the usual face to face registration for our clients.
  •          We have already lost some regular income and a grant opportunity. 
  •          We cannot hold the usual parties to give out the presents. 
  •          We cannot accept the usual present donations here at the Mission.

However, we are focusing on what we can do, rather than what we can’t! And with God’s help and yours we are confident that we can still safely provide gifts for the vulnerable children of Coventry.

  •          We will be asking those in need to register via email and whatsapp where possible and arranging face to face appointments if necessary.
  •          We will be asking foodbank and other agencies to refer people to us in the hope that we can capture those in need.
  •          We will be giving out presents in a safe manner with a family member coming to collect and leaving again, but they will still have the presents and the information about Christmas too.
  •          We have come up with a new way of fundraising and options for people to donate, using a go fund me page (to donate directly to the project) as well as an amazon gift list (where people can choose a present to purchase and donate which is sent directly to CCM).   
  •          We have produced a video explaining how people can help which has been shared on facebook and we are making a specific one for churches which we would be grateful if you would consider sharing with your congregation (whether they are online or in person at the moment).

How can you help?

Please pray for us

Pray that we can support those most in need across the city despite the challenges

Pray that those in need are able to access our support

Pray that we will receive the donations of presents and money required to fund the project

Pray that any further lockdown restrictions don’t stop us safely giving out presents

Pray for health of all of the staff and volunteers working to make the project happen

Can we help wrap presents?

Unfortunately we are unable to ask for support wrapping presents this year due to the lack of space we have to enable Covid safe practices.  If you are able to donate wrapping paper and Sellotape (from the amazon gift list) that would be appreciated though.

Can we buy presents or give financially?

Yes please we would really appreciate your support with this, last year we supplied nearly 900 presents and cannot do this without support from people like you.  It’s particularly tricky this year as due to coronavirus, we have lost a key grant and some regular income already.  If you would like to support us in this way then you can choose and purchase a gift via our amazon gift list (, or give financially via our Go fund me page (  Please make sure the gifts will reach us by 30th November so that they can get bagged up ready to be given to the families mid December.  Thank you!


If you would like more information then feel free to watch either of these two videos (, this is for individuals who might want to get involved, - this is a video specifically for churches and how you can help) or contact Sarah White via email or via text or whatsapp on 07927 090451.

Operation Christmas Child  

For many years now we have been packing shoeboxes each Christmas to go off around the World to children who otherwise would have nothing. We have seen and heard many stories of the joy thta they bring to the recipients. This year, of course, is different. We could not see a safe way through the practical difficulties of assembling shoe boxes and collecting them in one place to start their journey. But do not despair, we can still support the "Shoebox Appeal" online. You can still choose what you want to include from a list of possibilities. To get going with your shoe box online click here. For more information about the appeal can be found here.